New Wild

04 Mar 2009 » permalink

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I've been spreading the news here and there for few days now but it’s time to make it official.

After quitting Novell I decided to take the plunge and try something I've been long waiting for… – go self-employed and start own company. New Wild is just that — a young company offering services related to mobile software, web and unix(ish) engineering. Additionally (and that’s new) it’s also about cocoa — both mobile (iPhone) and desktop.

One part of what I'm planning to do at New Wild is pushing my own software projects — first of which I hope to be announcing quite soon. Another part is helping others to make their ideas happen. That’s more commonly known as contracting & consulting.

The decision to start New Wild is not something that came out of a profound business analysis and huge preparations. Quite the contrary — like every important decision it came out of an impulse. The very basic promise behind New Wild is that after spending the last several years working at big companies I know how to provide some real value to people who want to make their software ideas happen.

I'm open for business!