Midgard ObjectiveC bindings

26 Mar 2009 » permalink

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I'm glad to announce the first (experimental) release of a project I've been working on recently — Midgard bindings for the ObjectiveC language. Those bindings are for the upcoming Midgard2 — the brand new fresh version of the library.

Midgard2 is an Open Source Content Repository and it provides an objectified view to the data and services surrounding it. At the basic level it abstracts the database access (SQLite, MySql, PostgreSQL) but this is only where it all starts. Serialization & replication, managing own storage objects, multi-process access to data are all covered. The fully object-oriented (GObject-oriented) API allows you to focus on the data, not the database syntax.

For many desktop software developers, database technologies belong to where they belong — the web alone. This is not necessarily true. As the software & services en masse move to the web, the need to integrate the cloud with the desktop becomes indispensable.

Midgard is quite ready for that — it based & engineered fully on the top of the desktop (Gnome) software stack. Being highly modular and having very little dependencies it scales from a note taking application to a full-blown CMS system.

ObjectiveC bindings

The Midgard objc bindings come in a shape of a standard Mac installer. The package (which requires a Leopard+ system) installs a Midgard private framework which allows to develop Midgard applications using XCode. The applications built this way have Midgard embedded dynamically into them — they don’t require any extra libraries/components on the target machine.