Moonlight flicks

04 Mar 2008 » permalink

Miguel has a good status update on Moonlight. Complementing that I recorded a few simple demos presenting current state of our Moonlight trunk.

While talking to friends at FOSDEM I noticed that while everybody pretty much heard about Moonlight/Silverlight, not so many people have actually seen it in action. This is understandable — at the moment building Moon from source is not trivial. Hopefully those little videos will help a little.

Microsoft showcase — a website collecting links to various Silverlight-enabled pages and web apps. Users can browse sites and rate them. Built with Xaml and Javascript. Watch demo / Download high-res avi.

Podium — A dynamic mashup of various news related to US election candidates. Shows some more advanced text-flowing and formatting capabilities. Again — Xaml and Javascript. Watch demo / Download high-res avi.

Surfaces — A very simple surface manipulation/D&D example. Clutter has a similiar demo. Watch demo / Download high-res avi.

This is only a small selection of Silverlight-enabled sites which was easier to record (ie. not using media playback). A bigger list we use for testing is available at Moonlight 1.0 test sites.