On GNOME mobile

26 Nov 2007 » permalink

Murray writes about GNOME mobile:

The is currently most obvious in the GMAE (or GNOME Mobile) group, which Jeff insists on controlling, which the board allowed despite knowing what would happen. After almost two years it has produced nothing more than a press release announcing its existence, and that happened six months later than the members wanted.

I don’t think Jeff is to be blamed here first. I don’t know about other players involved but I personally feel that we at nokia simply didn’t put enough effort into GNOME mobile.

This is to be read carefully. We did put a lot of serious work (directly and indirectly) into GNOME and various GNOME mobile components. A lot of those efforts are invisible. Where we so far failed is to make this work standardized, reusable and transparent — what (if I understand correctly) was the original goal of the GNOME mobile.

Hopefully this can be changed. But I don’t think it’s fair to blame Jeff for this particular issue.