Nokia N810 announced!

17 Oct 2007 » permalink

It’s announced, we did it!

Nokia n810 Internet Tablet

Ari has some more gory details about what’s new and cool. From the toolkit point of view one thing worth mentioning is that we’re now running the full gtk-2.10 stack in Chinook (the OS release powering the n810). Now, there are two things to that:

The bad thing is that due to the consolidation efforts the API compatibility is broken. Let me stress that again: if your application uses UI, it won’t run at all on Chinook without (often trivial) modifications. We have documents and tools to assist you in porting the applications. So go ahead, download Chinook beta and update your app — there is a lot of cool stuff in maemo garage that we need to make run on Chinook also. You can nag us on the IRC channel or mailing lists for help on specific issues. We’ll help.

The good thing is that we’re now very much closer to the gtk upstream and you can expect the toolkit stack to behave in a much more sane and predictable way. We’ll also now be able to actually track the API stability more closely.

As Ari also mentioned, Chinook is going to be available for n800 also. While it’s common for companies to provide firmware/bugfix updates for legacy hardware, it’s pretty rare to get a full new OS release + new features for free. I'm glad we did it since… well… it’s exactly the right thing to do!